Shades of India

Shades of India is a celebrated ethnic wear brand all across the world. Led by Mandeep Nagi and David Housego and a team that shares the vision and passion for Indian textiles. They are driven with a commitment to make textiles that become evergreen heirlooms to cherish, of simplicity paired with delightful charming details, and most importantly to bring out the beauty of traditional techniques.

  The brand had a less than mediocre digital presence with their website running on an expired Drupal technology and nil e-commerce features & functionalities. With the COVID-19 pandemic bringing the retail sales to a complete halt, they were in dire need of an amazing e-commerce platform to serve their customers.

Services Delivered

Responsive Web Design

Designing for a designer brand was a daunting task for our team. Our systematic design approach, which kickstarted with brand surveys and high fidelity wireframes, was a vital ingredient for successfully designing an e-commerce platform that focused more on branding and less on pushy sales. The web design is an emulation of the quality of textiles and the handcrafting skills portrayed with every apparel piece created by Shades of India. The design is highly intuitive and smooth for mobile users and was designed and conceptualized with a mobile-first focus. The e-commerce flow was researched thoroughly to give users the best and fastest checkout experience.

Custom WordPress & WooCommerce Development

The team at Shades of India is a mix of millennials and Gen X, and specifically wanted an easy-to-use admin interface for managing the website post complete web development. Easy admin panel with a custom brand web design, made it clear that the website should be developed on WordPress & WooCommerce with a custom theme built from scratch. SAGE starter theme framework by was adjudged as the best suitable and high-performance framework for custom theme development. Each webpage was hand-coded to perfection by our experienced WordPress developers. Numerous plugins were also customized to suit the brilliant & remarkable web design. The custom theme built on the SAGE framework has given the website architecture the scalability for future web improvements. WooCommerce frontend code was made compatible to suit the web design. Numerous API integrations for payment gateway, loyalty program, CRM, and shipping were handled and executed by our expert WordPress developers.

Pagespeed & Performance Optimization

E-commerce transaction flow was checked and optimized towards relevant code snippets. NewRelic code optimization tool was used to prime the backend queries for swift code execution. Cloudflare CDN and Redis cache was implemented for speedy website loading. All performance optimization tasks including image optimization, JS & CSS minification, and many more like TTFB speeding up were undertaken to give website visitors the top-notch and lightning-fast website loading experience.

Maintenance & Manuals

Easy-to-follow admin panel manuals were written and created by our project management team. These manuals helped reduce the redundant simple tech support queries to run and manage the daily operations of the e-commerce website. Regular maintenance of software upgrades, plugin management, and server reviews have been undertaken on a weekly basis. The e-commerce website is completely bug and error-free.

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