Startup Movers

StartUp Movers is a business services platform dedicated to help people who want to easily start and grow their business at an affordable cost. Started in January 2014, it has the mission of making it easier for Entrepreneurs to start their business. Since then it has helped to start and operate thousands of businesses by offering a wide range of business services.

Services Delivered

Keyword Analysis

Focussed keyword collection and analysis was carried out for searches related to new business registration all over India. More than finding relevant keywords, dedicated efforts were made to single out negative keywords, so that budget spending is highly targeted and optimised. Ad group formation was also carried out at this stage. For 30-40 relevant keywords, more than 1100+ negative/irrelevant keywords were identified. This exercise also helped in setting up the right bids range for all ad groups.

Landing Page

A new age and modern design was created for the Startup Movers. Registration processes for various organisation types were explained with beautiful infographics. Comparison charts were designed and developed for quick and easy decision making. A list of FAQs with structured forms were helpful in collecting highly qualified leads. The landing page had a lightning fast page speed that helped in achieving top ad ranks.

Google Search Ads

A formidable 9% CTR accompanied with 100 weekly conversions, the campaign brought in a good amount of business registration leads for Startup Movers. Conversion rate was above average hovering well over 10% constantly during the course of the campaign. A successful campaign altogether.

Other Case Studies

Landing Page, Logo Design

Travel Exotica

Travel Exotica is a travel planning organization that plans customized outdoor trips for families, schools, and corporates. Brightening days and embracing youth, they specialize in planning outdoor campaigning trips for schools. They even provide end-to- end customized solutions to corporates. They believe outbound training is an effective motivational method for employees. They wanted to improve their brand equity and online reach through a responsive and visually appealing website. The main strategy behind having a strong website was to increase the traffic and convert the visitors.

Custom Theme,, WordPress

Dev Solutions

Development Solutions Inc is a research and consultancy organization that offers varied services to enable solutions for development issues. The firm wanted to realign their brand system with shifts in their technology and branding strategy. As an established brand looking to make an impression they wanted to build an all new website that should be visually appealing as well as better engage and serve their users. They approached Krenovate to help them refresh their digital tactics, hence we took to design direction, content creation and re-imagined their digital platform.


Sara Abode

Sara abode is a distributor which aims to provide eco-friendly and luxurious quality materials to build your abode. They cover the entire range of building activities and related services under one roof. They wanted a platform which is attractive in appearance and reflects elegance and luxury as well as better layout to accentuate their content and high-quality pictures. They wanted to create a site that makes them stand out amongst their peers and convert visitors into customers. Their website was simply a medium for them to promote Sara abode as one of the finest and reliable providers of high-quality structures and building materials.