Social Media Marketing

Brand awareness and community outreach campaigns for continual engagement

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Build Your Brand

Engaging Content

Content creation has turned competitive in light of the millions of posts being posted every minute. Fresh, quirky and trend catching content is need of the hour. And more importantly generating such content constantly over a long period of time is the key to accelerated brand building and awareness. Our creative team can help you achieve all of this and that too at a quick pace as well.

Attract More Followers

Building your own community with values and goals that align with the vision of your company is the key for sustainable growth in these fast changing times. Content creation supported with focussed outreach will help you attract qualified followers. At Krenovate, we target your prospective followers with a strategy built on hashtags, groups, demographics and interests.

Network of Influencers

Word-of-mouth has taken the shape of Influencer Marketing in this 21st Century. Influencer marketing helps you kickstart your social media outreach. These influencers become the voice of your brand among their own circle of followers. Exploit our network of influencers to target and build your own brand on social media platforms.

Generate Customer Leads

Qualified Lead Generation

Optimise your ROI with lead generation campaigns that get you highly qualified leads. Single focus landing pages powered with sensible lead filtering, helps you reach hot leads more quickly. Easy and targeted filters like location, time, etc. give you greater control over your PPC and brand awareness campaigns. And it’s all managed by us, sit back and see your marketing campaigns fly.

Lead Gen Forms

Lead generation has been simplified on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn with the lastest Lead-Gen-Forms. People interested in reaching out to you through your ad campaigns can easily fill up forms at the click of a button. Campaigns that are powered with Lead-Gen-Forms, don’t even require a dedicated landing page. We can help you launch your ad campaigns within 2-3 days.

CRM Integration

Automate and track your lead flow for lead generation campaigns. Integration of lead capturing forms with your CRM is done by our team.

Real Time Reporting

Analytics that are live and easily accessible. Track your campaign performance for faster decision making. Real time reporting helps us get faster feedback from your organisation on the campaign performance. We are able to adapt and implement changes to optimise campaigns regularly, thereby increasing your ROI.

Sell on social Media

Showcase your range of products directly on Facebook and Instagram. With easy inventory integration with your e-commerce website, never worry about any updates and management on these platforms. More than 80% of Instagram users use the platform to search and buy products. We can help you set up and grow your online sales through Instagram and Facebook.



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