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Value creation has been and will be the core aspiration of all organisations globally. Value is created in many ways, through manufacturing products, servicing clients and giving back to the society. Online value creation for all stakeholders is the new core aspiration of businesses worldwide. But how do you know if your business is creating online value or not? How can you measure the usefulness of your digital assets? The answer lies in Search Engine Optimisation or more commonly known as SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is the activity of influencing how your website ranks on various online queries on search engines. Want to know more? Read this article on Moz for greater clarity and understanding of SEO. A prerequisite to doing SEO is having a website or an app, if your organisation doesn’t have one, get in touch with our web development and mobile app team.

SEO tells you how useful actually your website is to users searching for information or products and services online. If you are ranking in top positions for relevant search queries, you are considered really useful and vice-versa. The best part is that you can check the usefulness of your website with online SEO checkers like this one by Neil Patel. You can also use this quick list of top 25 SEO tools to improve your website usefulness and performance.

SEO is a highly difficult task, as it involves rigorous research on online trends along with the technicalities of implementing and integrating changes on a website and getting it indexed on search engines. Hence, if you wish to achieve better results for your website, you should definitely hire an expert or an agency that could do the relevant tasks and get you the desired results.

Our SEO Approach

Krenovate has a team of SEO experts who have more than 20+ years of cumulative experience. Our experts, equipped with their high domain knowledge and analytical insights of marketing trends have helped numerous organisations in getting their websites ranked on high volume search keywords.

Keyword research & analysis

Everything about the organic traffic revolves around ‘Keywords’. Keywords are the foundation of your web traffic, the more time spent researching and analyzing the right keywords, the better will be the traffic results. We use a range of online tools to perform industry and competitive keyword analysis for your business domain. This critical process is handled by our industry experts. At this stage, we find opportunities and gaps from where web traffic could be amplified. Content mapping for the complete website is also done during this level, we always suggest this activity for websites planning a makeover or for new websites. Keywords act as the base for design, content and development activities of the website. Our team is equipped with the right set of skills and tools to help you get the best performing keywords for your web traffic. Get in touch now for a free analysis of your website.

Highly Optimized Webpages

Google has certain guidelines for getting a website ranked on the search engine. Generally known as On-page SEO, these activities are intangible for organic rankings, as they act as an index for Google to crawl data and content on your website. Our engineers will get your website structured and ready for search engine ranking. Integrating meta titles and descriptions on each page, loading the right set of keywords at right places and interlinking for better navigation will be all handled by our team. We also help you setup your Google webmasters account, so that you can start tracking the progress of your organic traffic. Our engineers will use online tools to generate SEO reports to check the completion of On-page SEO activities for best results.

Link Building Activities

On-page SEO has its own pace for getting traffic to your website. For early age startups and organisations looking to pull huge traffic to their website at a swift pace, link building is the best way. Link building is the process of getting a link from a related website, so as to boost traffic sources and channels to your own website. These include getting PR links, story coverage and blog outbound links to name a few. This turns out to be a very tedious task for regular organisations, as this generally turns out to be a long waiting and monotonous task. Fortunately, we have been able to build the right connections across industries and are right now working with over 10,000+ influencers, portals and PR agencies. One shout out from us will be enough to get you loads of links from our prestigious connections. Don’t wait, sign up now.

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