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  • Business Websites

In this century, appearances and embodiment of businesses across the globe are digital. The description, structure and value of any organisation are being judged on the basis of its web presence, mainly, through its website. A good clean website that is easily accessible through various devices is the need of the hour. Websites have evolved rapidly with the online growth of services. Global brands have pushed the benchmarks of a good website really high. Websites have to be device compatible, SEO optimized and lightening fast for online visitors. Engineers at Krenovate have delivered over 100+ up-market and high performing websites over the last 5 years. We take pride in structuring and developing websites that personify not only the offerings but also the spirit of the organisation.

  • Ecommerce Websites

$4.8 trillion is the projected global market size of e-commerce by 2021. Businesses selling products are making an expeditious movement to sell and trade online. With the advent and possibility of marketing products and services online, almost every business can have its own e-commerce platform. E-commerce platforms should be developed with a long term vision, as scaling substandard e-commerce platforms turns out to a nightmare for all online stakeholders. Our engineers understand the business life-cycles, enabling them to deliver e-commerce websites as per the business life-cycle stages, with a strategic plan for subsequent growth and scaling up. If you are entering into the e-commerce arena, we can help you set up your website in a matter of a few days. We make sure we also guide you on automating all processes related to the product/service development and delivery.

  • App Development

Apps are entirely a different environment when it comes to online interaction. App development should only be taken based on customer behavior analytics or research. The App environment is humongous as Apps are not only being developed for Mobiles but also for smart TVs, iPads and alot of other devices. Apps also require huge post development maintenance and marketing. Hence our App development team is a mix of App marketing experts and engineers, who together identify, plan and strategize the app development and promotion process for your business. Also we have a separate team for app designing that has delivered world class app designs for organisations ranging from hyper-local startups to well established political parties in India. Share your details and our team will get in touch with you.

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