Saan Global

Saan Global deals in the chemicals for polyurethane and automobile industry. In order to make their website express the business better, we worked upon the UX design, pixel-to-pixel design UI development, and speed optimization.


UX Design

Saan Global website required a UX design to express its products and services clearly. As they are doing innovation in the polyurethane and automobile industry, the website must express their USP clearly. Hence, we designed the UX in a way that each and every significant detail is placed correctly for better understanding.

UI Development

We, at Krenovate, believe in providing world-class quality service. So, we made sure that the website development is flawless and best in the industry.

Pixel-To-Pixel Design Match

The approved UX design must match pixel-to-pixel in the development. We work on matching every detail, no matter what. That’s how we are able to deliver our services with 100% satisfaction.

Speed Optimisation

There is no point in developing a website, which does not load. We cannot blame the internet speed because it differs from region-to-region. The website must perform great in every targeted region. Hence, we do the speed optimisation to ensure that the website is accessible in all the targeted regions.

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