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Marketing has evolved tremendously over the last two decades. Right from the start of 20th Century to recent years lately, majority of marketing expense has been invested with an intent to reach out to as many people as possible. ROI of marketing budgets were and are still in some companies being analysed on factors like reach and frequency. Equations have changed since the birth of internet marketing and propelled more towards analyzing marketing ROI based on factors such as ‘engagement’ and ‘cost of acquisition’ precisely by the advent of social media marketing. Even marketing giants like Nike and Coca-Cola have been relying on social media platforms and SMM influencers to engage and retain customers all over the world.

Let us tell you a fact- LinkedIn has the best ROI in online marketing and lead generation for B2B companies. This infographic on Adscode  has insights that will blow your mind, below is a list of the most interesting ones.

•  87 million students, graduates and young professionals use LinkedIn- It was never this easy to reach out to millennials

•  80% B2B leads come from LinkedIn- Time to change your marketing platform

Along with a big reach, LinkedIn empowers businesses to generate B2B leads with its premium features like Sales Navigator and ‘Exclusive Inmail’ plans. You can also run dedicated marketing campaigns for lead generation and awareness programs. We at Krenovate, have always utilized LinkedIn to boost revenues and build strong business lead pipelines for our clients. Drop in your details for understanding how you can use LinkedIn marketing to your advantage.

Benefits of using LinkedIn marketing

Targeted search

Tools like Sales Navigator help you search and connect with people with the exact marketing characteristics that form your ideal customer.  LinkedIn is the only platform which segments and displays explicit information of behavioral, demographic, geographic and psychographic aspects of a user profile. Such precise information is highly valuable for sales personnel looking to build long term business relationships and have sensible conversations.

Direct Messaging

The ‘Inmail’ features in premium plans on LinkedIn is a blessing for qualifying and converting hot leads. This feature lets you drop messages to people directly without connecting with them. Comes in handy for persuading leads with relevant offers and discounts. Make sure you don’t waste them on disinterested and non-relevant people, as they are limited in number per premium account, unless you are planning to burn out all your marketing budgets on it.

High Quality Leads

Fake leads, that’s a term all marketing managers account for while budgeting online lead generation plans. LinkedIn unlike Facebook, Instagram and Google has been able to keep fake profiles and bot activity really low on its platform. With almost 40% LinkedIn users logging daily, you can put all your worries to rest for loosing out budgets on fake leads.

Follow these 9 powerful LinkedIn tips from Neil Patel to generate leads and more business for your organisation.

More online marketing platforms for your business


Google Ads  •  YouTube  •  My Business 

Google is an amalgamation of many online platforms and websites for online promotions. Both organic and paid promotions are possible on Google.


Messenger  •  Lead Gen Forms  •  Bots

Over 1 billion active daily users on the Facebook mobile app, empowered with great marketing tools like business adsmessenger bot and audience network, make it the most loved  platform.


Influencers  •  Videos  •  Go Live

Instagram has diversified the definition of influencers, by empowering not so famous people, who are producing great content to monetize their efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

Keywords  •  On Page  •  Link Building

 Keywords are the foundation of your web traffic, the more time spent researching and analyzing the right keywords, the better will be the traffic results.

Email Marketing

100% Automated  •  Affordable  •  Measurable

There are 4.3 billion emails accounts across the globe and according to these stats, 77% consumers prefer emails for marketing to them.

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