Global marketing industry will spend more than $2 Billion on Instagram

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Global marketing industry will spend more than $2 Billion on Instagram advertising majorly through influencers and paid promotions in 2018. This is expected to rise above $5 Billion by 2020. Now that we have your attention, let us introduce you to the social media platform that has risen at a blistering speed globally, yes, we are talking about Instagram.

Instagram has been the at the helm of Influencer Marketing. Though recent happenings like the announcement by Keith Weed, CMO of Unilever to crackdown on influencers who buy followers and bot engagement, has not dipped the hopes of thousands of influencers who make millions of dollars through platforms like Instagram. Instagram has diversified the definition of influencers, by empowering not so famous people, who are producing great content to monetize their efforts. Influencers are shifting their focus from writing blogs to producing great content in terms of videos and pictures on Instagram.

With 90% consumers accepting that videos improve their buying decisions and the easy availability of great mobile phones with superb camera quality, video production is at the highest ever in history. This simple fact makes Instagram the most loved platform by MNCs and promoters to reach out to millions of users through influencers. Check out these amazing facts about how videos have taken over the marketing industry.

Krenovate works with real influencers across industries to help organisations reach out to the right customers. We have helped education startups, restaurants and clothing brands reach super viral engagement through Instagram and other social media platforms. We are one the best digital marketing company when it comes to finding creative solutions. If you are a brand looking to grow at a viral speed, you should definitely look at marketing your brand, product or service on Instagram. Let us take you through some major benefits of using Instagram.

Benefits of using Instagram marketing

Largest pool of influencers

Instagram by far has the highest no. of individual and business influencers on it’s platform. Searching and reaching out on this platform is super easy, thanks to the #(hashtag) and tag based search functionalities. If you are constricted by low budgets, then Instagram is definitely the best place as you can find Influencers with less followers and that too a bunch of them. We can connect you to our pool of influencers, register by filling out any form on this page.

Video/Pictures Content format

If you dint read earlier, do read these mind blowing facts about video content engagement and reach. Instagram has just cracked it with its focused content format of videos and pictures. Everyone just loves watching a video than reading a book or a blog these days. If you have not started making videos of at least graphics for your brand, product or service, then its high time you start doing it. Our team of graphic designers and video productions can help you get going quickly. Give us a shootout by registering with any form on this page.

Great Video Features

Instagram has launched numerous features to keep users engaged all the time. The ‘Swipe Up  Story’ feature helps influencers direct their followers to any website or web link. Influencers use the ‘Live Videos’ feature to tag and promote Instagram account of companies and individuals to raise awareness about their brands and products. You can also run video campaigns between story viewing by users.

Instagram has been in controversies with its inability to control influencers buying engagement through bots and shout outs. We at Krenovate have always made sure that every influencer we work with is genuine 100%. We also have a team that checks into the engagement and followers of each influencer we on-board. See the video below to understand how fake influencers are ruining the online market for everyone. We also suggest you to be very careful when on-boarding an influencer. The best way to go about it is going through an agency and let them do the checks for fake engagement and followers. Do see the video below.

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