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Facebook is no less than a nation with its 1.18 billion users worldwide and growing at a rate, which will soon make it the biggest country even larger than the 1.45 billion population of China. Over 1 billion active daily users on the Facebook mobile app, empowered with great marketing tools like business ads, messenger bot and audience network, make it the most loved and used platform for online marketing by organisations and marketers.

Promotion methods and tools are fresh and well planned on Facebook. Lead gen forms are a trend that Facebook set for all other social media platforms. Lead gen forms auto-fill user information from their Facebook profiles, saving marketer’s time and money as they don’t have to be dependent on the tech teams for building high performing landing pages.

Innovation in developing channels of promotions for businesses is one thing that Facebook has definitely done better than all other social media platforms. Their most recent one  is their Messenger Chat Bot Plugin which can be integrated with any website for experiencing messenger services directly on any web domain.  We will talk about some of the most important Facebook tools for marketing business campaigns.

Benefits of using Facebook marketing

Facebook Ads

Content on Facebook is majorly focused around one key element i.e. ‘Interests’. Users follow pages, groups and apps that produce and promote content similar to their Interests. Businesses can easily reach their ideal customers by identifying key interests and running ad campaigns for users following that interest. Setting up and running ads is very simple on Facebook. You can check this link for ‘Creating a Facebook Page’ and also check out this link on how to run ads on Facebook. You can always get in touch with our team for Facebook business promotions by filling out any form on this page.


Messaging has great power. And if you can message someone in a private window, that will create the highest amount of  trust and faith in that person for your brand or organisation. Right now across all social media platforms only Facebook Messenger has the ability to perform this amazing act of messaging. You can easily setup your messenger bot and start sending automated messages to people who like your page and have similar interests. If you need help with setting up your Messenger Bot, please register by filling any form on this page. You can read more case studies about us and why we are the best digital marketing company here.

Audience Network

According to stats, marketers achieved a 12% rise in their website conversions by promoting their ads on the extended network of apps and instant articles of Facebook. This works exactly in the same way as the Google Extended Network of Apps and Websites. You are able to promote your ads on gaming apps, news websites using ‘Instant Articles’ on Facebook. All top apps and websites are present on the Facebook audience network 

At Krenovate, we help you plan, build and optimize your promotional campaigns for lead generation, app installs and web traffic on Facebook. We match the right tool on Facebook for achieving your marketing goals. Only few digital agencies like Krenovate have the ability to develop a fully functional messenger bot for your website and Facebook page.

More online marketing platforms for your business


Google Ads  •  YouTube  •  My Business 

Google is an amalgamation of many online platforms and websites for online promotions. Both organic and paid promotions are possible on Google.


Influencers  •  Videos  •  Go Live

Instagram has diversified the definition of influencers, by empowering not so famous people, who are producing great content to monetize their efforts.

LinkedIn Marketing

B2B Leads  •  Targeted Search  •  Inmails   

Along with a big reach, LinkedIn empowers businesses to generate B2B leads with its premium features like Sales Navigator and ‘Exclusive Inmail’ plans.

Search Engine Optimization

Keywords  •  On Page  •  Link Building

 Keywords are the foundation of your web traffic, the more time spent researching and analyzing the right keywords, the better will be the traffic results.

Email Marketing

100% Automated  •  Affordable  •  Measurable

There are 4.3 billion emails accounts across the globe and according to these stats, 77% consumers prefer emails for marketing to them.

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