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Krenovate is the best digital marketing company in town. We have a team of certified professionals for SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Email Marketing. Our team has formulated winning strategies for startups, SMEs and MNCs for their marketing campaigns. Krenovate has been an active catalyst of online growth for organisations with its ability to provide marketing and technology solutions under one roof. We solve marketing problems by providing data-driven and analytical solutions. Krenovate derives it’s name from the three pillars of Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation. We use the most effective tools to maximize sales by creating cycles of re-buying through targeted marketing. Our motto is to achieve your marketing and technology goals at the most quick speed.

Technology has changed how companies engage and reach their ideal customers. With a flood of social media apps and websites, users are scattered on the basis of interests, geography and demographics. Our marketing champions have helped numerous businesses to identify platforms where their prospective customers are present and also in reaching and engaging them with the most creative marketing campaigns. Krenovate as a digital marketing agency has small teams of marketing and tech experts to render speed and accuracy to projects. We have the most quick turn around time when it comes to launching of marketing campaigns, websites and mobile apps.


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Search Engine Optimization

Web Development

Graphic Design

Digital Marketing Blogs

Services Offered

Krenovate follows the GAB (Goal-Activity-Budget) model in servicing clients. We perform a detailed research on the goals set by the client, followed by aligning activities and budgets to the targets based on data driven and analytical insights. Some of the digital marketing services offered by us are as follows:


Google Ads  •  YouTube  •  My Business 

Google is an amalgamation of many online platforms and websites for online promotions. Both organic and paid promotions are possible on Google.

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Influencers  •  Videos  •  Go Live

Instagram has diversified the definition of influencers, by empowering not so famous people, who are producing great content to monetize their efforts.

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Messenger  •  Lead Gen Forms  •  Bots

Over 1 billion active daily users on the Facebook mobile app, empowered with great marketing tools like business adsmessenger bot and audience network, make it the most loved  platform.

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LinkedIn Marketing

B2B Leads  •  Targeted Search  •  Inmails   

Along with a big reach, LinkedIn empowers businesses to generate B2B leads with its premium features like Sales Navigator and ‘Exclusive Inmail’ plans.

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Search Engine Optimization

Keywords  •  On Page  •  Link Building

 Keywords are the foundation of your web traffic, the more time spent researching and analyzing the right keywords, the better will be the traffic results.

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Email Marketing

100% Automated  •  Affordable  •  Measurable

There are 4.3 billion emails accounts across the globe and according to these stats, 77% consumers prefer emails for marketing to them.

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About Us

Krenovate was founded on February 28, 2014 by Puneet Sharma. That year saw the launch of numerous schemes like Startup India and Digital India in early 2014 by Shri Narendra Modi. The digital marketing industry experienced tremendous growth with government initiatives and huge investments in thousands of startups. Krenovate from its inception has believed in driving down cost and time for businesses especially for startups. We have provided the extended marketing support and speed desired by budget constricted startups in helping them achieve their tech and marketing goals. We focus on providing standardized services to all our customers. Our vision is to become the #1 digital marketing agency in the world. We will soon add more services like PR promotions, Video Productions and Outdoor Marketing. We have a highly qualified and skilled team for marketing and technology solutions. We are continuously on the look out for talented folks in the field of marketing, project management and tech for our ever growing teams. We believe culture is the most important thing that drives an organisation and we make regular efforts to make more conducive environments for all our employees as well as other stakeholders.

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Qualified Lead Generation

Targeted campaigns with detailed insights about demographic, geographic and behavioral characteristics ensure that we help you generate highly relevant leads online

Speedy Launch

Online marketing provides agility and flexibility to launch and moderate campaigns. Our wonderful teams have the shortest turn around time when it comes to campaign and website launches

Viral Campaigns

Our creative minds are bursting with ideas all the time. We ensure best ones are aligned for your marketing campaigns. Also our pool of influencers help you amplify your reach at a good speed.

Marketing Automation

We build campaigns that are designed to have the most powerful recalling and retaining ability. We ensure notifications and reminders are set at right stages in the consumer buying cycle

Dedicated Teams

All thanks to our ability to work in small and dedicated teams for each client, resulting in speedy campaign launches. Teams are poised with equal balance of marketing and technology expertise

Online Organic Growth

Building systems that focus on amplifying organic reach and engagement is our forte. We conceptualize campaigns with a long term vision that hack online organic growth for organizations


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Can’t speak highly enough of Puneet and his team at Krenovate. Helped me develop an excellent website which is everything I wished for and more. Krenovate not only helped me with the development but also with the designs and iterations which were supported by proper market research which helped me position the usability of the website in accordance to customer familiarity and taste. Puneet is available 24X7, looks after you personally and no question goes unanswered. All in all a ‘can-do’ company, You won’t have any regrets working with them.
Amit Sehgal
CEO- Saan Global
When we started, two years ago, Krenovate developed our website and they
gave us value for money. As a start up, we had limited resources and
Krenovate understood our needs. Since then, whenever we had any issue;
the Krenovate team immediately resolved them. For us as a new
organization, the value of such support is immense.
Vasudha Chakravarthy
Founder- Development Solutions Inc
We’ve been working with Krenovate for the past 8 months and the experience has been very nice. They have supported us in the development and maintenance of the website and are satisfied with the service given by Puneet and his team.
Nishant Tyagi
Founder- GrapevineOnline