Emails are the primary ID for humans in this digital age. On the overview reaching into someone’s inbox seems pretty easy, but the truth is absolutely poles apart. Because you can email an individual, but things get pretty perplexed when you have to email a large number of people, commonly referred to as bulk emailing. … Continued

Businesses around the world are investing their energies, time and money in growing their revenues online. Digital marketing has penetrated to the most micro levels in the economy, making even small shop owners to create budgets for online promotions. Platforms like Google Ads are witnessing major growth by the ever growing account enrolments of micro … Continued

Startups, funded or not, face a hard time on-boarding digital marketing agencies for their online marketing initiatives. A mere 13% of startups invest into marketing consultants or hire a digital marketing agency as found by this survey in 2017 by Colin Skinner. And even the 13% who on-board agencies, majority of startups are not happy … Continued

More than 90% firms in the world are SMEs (Small Businesses). SMEs employ more than 60% of the skilled labour in the world. These numbers are fancy, but the closure rate of SMEs is also on the higher side. Majority of SMEs fail to scale primarily due to failure to build strong lead funnels. Successful … Continued