Alt+ is the one stop solution for all the curiosity you have about Ayurveda. It is an e-magazine that allows you to create your account on the website, browse through the various topics, bookmark your favourite content, comment, and share on social media platforms.


Digital Content Stratergy


Digital Content Stratergy

Digital Content Stratergy

As Alt+ is mainly a content website, it needed a very strong strategy for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With our team of experts, we devised a strategy around the related keywords to ensure success in its domain. 

Our keyword research was focused on building a structure of content to perform well in the search engine. Accordingly, we created all the folders, sub-domains, and pages in the website, allowing the content to be placed in the website appropriately.

UI Development

UI and UX play a very significant role in a website; and Alt+ needed a bit more attention in this regard. We worked on modular development, pixel-to-pixel design match, and website speed optimization.

Modular Development

Alt+ has articles on various topics and some predefined questions. When we say modular development, we are talking about the relationship we built among the custom post types. We made sure that all the related articles appear on the question page. User can create an account, bookmark their favourite content, and also comment.

Pixel-To-Pixel Design Match

We made sure that the approved website design match exactly with the developed website. The accuracy of the match is pixel-to-pixel.

Website Speed Optimisation

Alt+ is one such website, which is quite huge in terms of content. In order to improve the speed, we used CDN, made sure that the hosting is right, optimised the images of the website, minimised Javascript & CSS files, used website caching, and did a lot more other things.

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